Five little pieces

Soon, you can purchasenew release: the composition “FIVE LITTLE PIECES” (Tomás Gris) played by HASHIGAKARI (Tomás Gris: trombone; David Area: electronics).

With special thanks to Mónica Ezquerra who includes a beautiful poem printed on the cd´s surface…




ExNihilo organizes the first sessions of ultra minimal music

Soon, the first session to present Hashigakari´s “Five little pieces” with an special guest from Mexico



Live at Artescopio, 2015

Now, you can download for free the last item from EX NIHILO-noplyn records.
Live at Artescopio (2015)

Alejandro Rojas-Marcos: clavichord, preparations.
Mario Sarramián: Objects, electronics.
Rubén Gutiérrez: Surfaces, brick, guitar, electronics.
Tomas Gris: Viola, objects, radio.

Click HERE and enjoy!


Split: Hashigakari & Be sweet

We are preparing a new “split” release with Madrid based band BE SWEET and HASHIGAKARI…. Two tracks, one from Hashigakari and one from Be sweet… your ears will say YEAHHH!



Five little pieces (variations)

We´re giving the last touch for the edition of Tomás Gris´s composition “Five little pieces (variations)”. For this version, David Area plays electronics and Tomás Gris plays trombone. 

You can check the composition in “scores”.